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[INFOGRAPHIC] With Laser Focus: What You Should Know Before Undergoing Laser Body Contouring

Laser body contouring remains one of the most advance medical procedures today, promoting natural fat loss through a non-invasive process. While non-invasive means you won't have to woryr about incisions or anesthesia, it doesn't necessarily mean the procedure is risk-free. Stay safe by doing your research.



3 Myths (and Truths) about Fat Loss

Every new day brings with it a new way to lose weight. But many of these new diets perpetuate pervasive myths about just how fat loss occurs and what can help an individual shed unwanted pounds. Here we'll take a look at some of the most common fat loss myths and focus on tried-and-true ways to successfully shed that winter layer.

Myth: Saturated fat increases bad cholesterol and the risk of stroke and heart disease. Saturated fat has long been demonized, and its role in climbing cholesterol numbers has been focused on the LDL, or "bad" form of cholesterol. But the fact of the matter is that eating saturated fat also increases HLD, or "good" cholesterol as well! This means that saturated fat effectively has no effect on bad vs. good cholesterol numbers, as it increases both in tandem. Although a common claim, modern-day research has yet to prove an association with ingestion of saturated fat and an increase in the risk of an individual suffering from stroke, cardiovascular heart disease, or coronary heart disease.

Myth: A high carbohydrate diet is better than a high fat diet. Everyone knows that eating fat is always bad, right? Well, it turns out that is not necessarily true. Studies have shown that fat releases hormones that increase satiety levels, lowering an appetite that might otherwise be spurred by an overabundance of high carbohydrate foods. Oils and healthy dietary fats such as those found in avocados take time to break down, helping normalize insulin levels within the blood. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, can spike blood sugar and then insulin, creating drastic swings in glucose levels. Research concludes that an overabundance of carbohydrates—not fats—is linked to weight gain and Type 2 diabetes.

Myth: Eating at night will make you gain weight Everyone has heard this one. If you eat at night, your body will store that late night feast as fat. Many diets have strict rules about not eating after eight or nine and to lock yourself away from the snack cabinet. But likely the reason that those who eat late at night tend to gain weight is simply that they are consuming more calories throughout the day than those who do not. Although there is no definitive proof to determine whether time of day counts, the total amount of calories consumed is the number one contributor to weight gain or weight loss. The better rule of thumb is to eat when you’re hungry, not according to a clock, and stop eating a bit before you feel full.

When it comes to weight loss, health, and fitness, rumors and misinformation run rampant. Be sure to put in some research to ensure that you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive!

Curb Your Cravings: Your Will Power and Eating Smart This Holiday Season

The holiday season can wreak havoc on your diet. From signature apple pies to decadent cookies and creamy mashed potatoes, the environment is fraught with traps that seem set up just to derail your resolve and have you elbow deep in a pile of irresistible holiday treats. But before you give up altogether, consider trying to adhere to the following smart tips that can help you lower your chance of disaster while maintaining a healthy dose of cheer.

Let Yourself Indulge…Later

This tip might initially seem counterintuitive, but studies show that individuals who completely deprive themselves of their edible desires often buckle and end up eating even more than those who allow themselves to indulge. Interestingly enough, those who allow themselves their food of choice, but not until later, either ended up eating a more moderate amount or none at all. Giving yourself permission to indulge but making yourself wait buys you time to allow the craving to potentially pass. Plus, if you eat something more nutritious first, you’ll take a lot of the power out of that craving and find that it’s not begging quite so loudly anymore.

Stick to Your Exercise Routine

Maintaining your gym routine throughout the holidays can remind you how hard you’ve worked to maintain your goal up until this point. It can also help you curb cravings and improve your mood. As an added benefit, it also allows you to burn off more calories—offering you some much-needed breathing room in your daily calorie count.

Set a Time Limit

The holidays are a time of abundance, and leftovers, snacks, and baked goods are often no more than an arm’s reach away. By setting certain times during the day that are dedicated to eating, you can prevent yourself from the constant grazing that can pack on pounds. By limiting not only the times during the day which are dedicated to eating, but also the number of snacks per day, you can set concrete barriers that can keep your consumption from running wild. Of course, if you find yourself genuinely hungry during an off time, be sure to grab a healthy snack to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level—a handful of raw nuts, an apple, or some Greek yogurt will do the trick.

Limit Your Variety

When we have a wide variety of foods in front of us, we tend to eat more. One deviled egg here, one cookie there, a dollop of mashed potatoes and a few candied yams may not seem like much when you look at each food separately, but combined they can add up fast. By limiting the number of foods you consume, you can prevent your mind from tricking you into thinking you’ve only had a few bites here and there. The holidays are a time for enjoying festivities with loved ones, and that almost always includes delicious food and drink. Have fun and partake in the holiday cheer, but remember these tips to keep your health and fitness routine on track.


  Happy holidays!

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1. Fail to plan, plan to fail.